Big Lake – Straight Fiberglass Recreational Kayak Paddle

The Big Lake paddle is everything you need to have fun on the water. It is a practical design with premium features that were developed for our advanced touring paddle, the ‘Big Ocean’. This is a paddle that will enhance your paddling experience for years to come.

  • The FreedomJoint allows for continuous feathering adjustment and lets your hands sit at their natural offset.
  • The Trident grips maintain adhesion when wet and make sure you never miss a stroke.
  • The PowerWing blades were engineered for smooth and stable strokes while giving maximum blade rigidity and surface area.

These features work together to give you a comfortable experience. They will ensure that your fun on the water never stops.

The Big Lake touring kayak paddle will let you Find Your Place.


Our Flatwater Kayak paddles blend classic designs with innovative features.

By using premium materials and manufacturing techniques, we have made these paddles reliable and comfortable.

You can trust these paddles for all your adventures.

Grab a Rocky River kayak paddle and Find Your Place.

Product Features


  • Xxxxx Fiberglass Shaft
  • Xxxxx Fiberglass Blade


  • FreedomJoint Ferrule
  • Trident Grips
  • PowerWing Blade


  • TBD


Made with care and precision in North America.