J Stroker – Fiberglass Touring Canoe Paddle

The Stroker is a rugged and stiff canoe paddle for those who need maximum power transfer. Lightweight performance makes this the ideal paddle for long trips.

  • The Trident grips maintain adhesion when wet and make sure you never miss a stroke.
  • The PowerWing blades were engineered for smooth and stable strokes while giving maximum blade rigidity and surface area.

These features give you a reliable and comfortable paddle that creates less fatigue, higher performance, and better days on the water.

The Stroker canoe touring paddle will let you Find Your Place.



Our Canoe paddles take a cherished and traditional outdoor activity to a new level of performance.

Premium materials and designs have made these paddles lightweight and efficient.

You can trust these paddles for all your adventures.

Grab a Rocky River canoe paddle and Find Your Place.

Product Features


  • Xxxxx Fiberglass Shaft
  • Xxxxx Fiberglass Blade


  • Trident Grips
  • PowerWing Blade


  • TBD


Made with care and precision in North America.