Whitewater Kayak Paddles

Available in the unique bow bent shaft: When you are not forcing your hands to hold a paddle, your natural wrist positioning while sitting in a kayak follows an imaginary ark or bow. A straight paddle does not accommodate this natural tendency. The Ottawa Paddles bent shaft facilitates an ergonomic and comfortable wrist position leading to less fatigue and longer ventures on the water.

The trident grip allows for one paddle to comfortably fit all hand spacings no matter your arm length or height. You can have a short paddle if you are tall, and a long paddle if you are short or anything in between.


Physical Features

  • ergonomic wrist position
  • Lightweight aerospace aluminum shaft
    • military grade anodizing
    • t8 heat treated
  • non slip indexed trident grip
  • composite thermo plastic winged dihedral blade

Play Features

  • feels like a wood paddle
  • allows for a relaxed ergonomic grip to reduce fatigue on the water
  • available in bright colours for safety


  • Bent Shaft $350
  • Straight Shaft $250
  • Kids $175


Thermoplastic Winged Dihedral Design


  • Black
  • Orange


Straight and ”Bow”bent


  • Aerospace Aluminum
  • T8 heat treated


  • Electric Blue
  • Military Olive Green

Shaft Lengths (in)

Kids: 150, 160, 170, 180
Adult: 190, 195, 200, 205, 210

Other Specifications

Non-slip Trident Grip

  • Black


  • 0 or 30